WETLOCK™ Technology
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ABSORBZ EVERYDAY CONVENIENCE PADS (also known as Dog Pads, Puppy Pads, Potty Pads, or Wee Pads)
  • Perfect for dogs that remain indoors for a long period of time

  • Great for puppy training

  • Use in pet carriers and underneath water bowls

  • Contains odor neutralizers

  • WETLOCK™ technology provides easy no-drip disposal

  • SUPER Absorbent polymer holds over 2 to 4 cups of liquid



The product is the best training pad I have found.

Raleigh, NC 
I purchased Absorbz pads at Costco and would very much like to make it a staple in my home. 

For Lauderdale, FL
I found this incredible product and was simply amazed by the quality and the price it was offered at my Costco. This is the best quality product and the best value. Thank you so much for providing such a great product! 

San Jose